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Sing, Dance, and Shut the Hell Up

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Dear Justin Bieber: Your views on abortion are stupid. But you’re 16 and i get it. You actually are stupid. I dont expect a lot from you. However, i have to say, anyone who can say that rape “happens for a reason” is asking for it, if you know what i mean.

Now that that’s out of the way.

I hate it when entertainers chime in on political topics that they have no business pontificating about. Shit, you’re a singer, you don’t have any business pontificating about anything but singing and dancing. Being famous doesnt mean you’re smart. Being famous doesnt make you an expert on anything besides whatever it is you’re famous for. As a matter of fact, i tend to think that most entertainers have below average intelligence and that mostly comes from the times when they open their mouths and say something stupid about a topic they have no business spewing their stupid opinion about. That and their twitter feeds.


Written by haterrant

February 17, 2011 at 1:24 pm

Posted in Celebrities, Poor Taste

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  1. So many ughs! Someone else on the internet said it best, sure you’d think everything happened for a reason if you were a 16 year old millionaire with no uterus and a crazy fundy mom.

    It is hard enough to protect my reproductive health from attacks by Congress, the last thing I need is to have Beiber on board with that shit.

    Also, did you read what he said about his bodyguard having a baby but not having insurance? Uh, yeah, we SHOULD have nationalised health care like his native Canada, but didn’t someone slide his people the memo explaining employers are supposed to provide healthcare here? I mean, this man is guarding his life and he can’t throw him a freaking HMO or something? Fuck Beiber. He never should have crossed my irate ass.


    February 17, 2011 at 4:53 pm

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