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Theres this “numbers game” going on on Facebook and it just came to my attention today.

Essentially, you send any of your friends a message with a number. Then they post a status update saying whatever it is they think about you and the number indicates who they are referring to. They are encouraged to be candid by the fact that no one knows who the number refers to except for the author and the initial sender.

What has actually been happening is that my home page is inundated, and i mean downright overwhelmed, with messages from people I know that are most likely intended for people I dont know. Even when one of the messages is interesting or funny or mean, i still dont know who it is for or about. BORING. And all the stuff I actually care about that my friends (real-life friends. get some) are posting keeps getting knocked off my home page.

One of my pet peeves (and this will definitely be a later hater rant) is people having private conversations in public forums for no good reason. Another pet peeve is anonymous venting (not hypocritical here, i mean venting about a specific person). Specifically the facebook variety where a member posts long statuses about “you know who you are”. That sort of behavior will immediately get you removed from my feed. Cus I DONT CARE!

The numbers game combines both these things and rolls them into one really annoying package. I hope it’s over tomorrow.


Written by haterrant

December 7, 2010 at 9:06 pm

Posted in General Fuckery, Poor Taste

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