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Ginger doesn’t go ON your sushi

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OK. This only bothers me with certain people. They’re people that are so sure they are more cultured than anyone else because they were so brave and tried raw fish in the first place. They’re folks who scoff at eel or california rolls but couldn’t hang with you if you threw down with some ikura with quail egg. They think maki sushi and teriyaki are pretty much all there is to Japanese cuisine.

If you aren’t this person, you know this person.

And i’m talking to YOU.

The pickled ginger does not go on top of your sushi. It is meant to be nibbled on in between bites as a palatte cleanser. You and your unjustifiable arrogance have prevented anyone around you from explaining this to you before.

You’re welcome.


Written by haterrant

December 6, 2010 at 4:39 pm

Posted in Poor Taste

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