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Okay. So you have a super smart phone with internets and cant shut up about your stupid apps. Thats your problem. Seriously. But it becomes my problem when i start getting text messages like “how day going” or ”where we.going name of it” or the classic (and genuinely entertaining) “Fucking rain is twilling me to go home and bespoke in the rain” it becomes my problem. I’ve used my boyfriend’s smart phone before. I know about the stupid touch screen, swipe input, random predictions, and how irritating it can be to go back and edit. Guess what, unless your phone is like genius level smart, you still need to proofread that shit. Its annoying. I use T9 on a phone with no keyboard thats dumb as dirt and i dont send you nonsensical, cryptic effing messages all the time. Punctuate! Use prepositions! Then whats even worse are all the follow-up texts i get decoding the crap i got a second before. Now you’re just wasting my time and battery life. For real. Be smarter than your phone. Get it together.


Written by haterrant

November 19, 2010 at 5:33 pm

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